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Your business has goals and ideas. The Creative Consultants and Marketing Consultants at Bulldog have the answers and solutions to get you there!

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In a perfect world, 100% of your customer base would be following you on your social media accounts or subscribe to your blog. For most industries this number is around 25% to 35%. Leaving the majority of your customers in the dark about anything new that is happening with your company such as new products, services, special offers and the list goes on. Email marketing is an effective marketing tool that allows you to connect with your customers and keep them informed on what's happening with your company. When done right, this form of marketing can be rich with rewards. When done wrong, it can also cost you a customer. Bulldog Consulting Group offers custom designed and professionally managed email campaigns to your subscribers. Need help writing the content of your email newsletter, not a problem. You will have your very own coach who can assist you with your writers block or take your key points and write the newsletter content for you.
Internet Marketing Services - SEO - Search Engine Optimization - Web Development Services
Social Media Marketing and Development services in Atlanta, GA and Boston, MA
E-mail Marketing Services - Email Newsletters - Email Marketing
Video Marketing Firm with offices in Atlanta, GA and Boston, MA
Email Marketing Firm - Online Marketing Services - Atlanta, GA and Boston, MA
Social Media Marketing - Social Media Management - Social Media Development - Atlanta, GA
Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blogs are sweeping the nation. These have become the latest must haves for businesses of all types regardless of industry. Your clients and potential clients have come to expect their favorite companies to have a presence on these platforms and understand the meaning behind "liking" and "tweeting". Bulldog Consulting Group are experts when it comes to the development, grooming and growing of your social media presence. We staff a team of creative writers, researchers and graphic design artists who all work in partnership to deliver the final product, which is increased exposure for your company through the social media outlets. Because we are not a "hit and run" marketing firm that sets up social media accounts and than vanishes, you can rest assured that our team will provide timely, relevant and engaging material for your social media accounts. In addition, we will keep all spam and negative comments from your profile feeds/walls.
Everything you need for a competitive marketing strategy can be found within our four walls. Our versatility and full array of services opens the door to a top marketing strategy. We will incorporate our graphic design, search engine optimization, advertising, corporate branding, product awareness, and marketing specialists to your campaign. Of course, the key part to any marketing campaign is understanding your target audience and competitors in your industry. We strive to gain the most comprehensive understanding of each to ensure that your marketing plan is in line with what your potential clients and customers are searching for, and that your company stands above the competitors who are battling your efforts to obtain the same potential clients. When you partner with Bulldog Consulting Group for your Internet Marketing strategy, you are getting a team of full-time Internet Marketing experts with decades of experience in getting companies found online.
Award Winning Internet Marketing in Atlanta, GA and Boston, MA
Video Marketing Comapny - Atlanta, GA
Video Marketing - VIral Video - Corporate Video Production
Video marketing is on the rise and the benefits of this type of marketing can provide a great return on investment for your company. Whether you are looking to attract new clients, strengthen the bond with existing customers or shape your brand’s image, video marketing can be the answer for you. Forbes recently conducted a study with top executives and 75% of those surveyed reported that they watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week. Of that same group, more than half share videos with colleagues at least once a week. When done right, video marketing can become an important part of your marketing campaign. Forrester Research has concluded that one minute of video can have the same impact as 1.8 million words. Bulldog Consulting Group can get your company started on the path to successful and effective video marketing. We will find the right message, forum and audience for your video marketing campaign.
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